LogMein123 allows you to connect to your home or work computer from another device and work remotely. Installing and using the app is easy. Also, Logmein123 needs to be running on the computer to connect. As the company’s mission statement emphasizes, LogMeIn 123 gives its employees the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.LogMein-123_ In addition to its web conferencing, IT access, and helpdesk solutions, LogMeIn offers GoToMeeting, LastPass, and GoToAssist trusted by IT departments and business users worldwide. LogMeIn 123 Rescue is remote access software that lets you quickly connect to other computers worldwide. Designed almost entirely as a remote computing and technical support platform for businesses of all sizes, LogMeIn123 Rescue remote software offers many useful features.

Features Of LogMein123 Rescue

Rescue Lens: A rescue lens, a form of screen sharing, allows you to see what is happening on the remote computer in real-time. LogMeIn123 Rescue uses this proprietary technology to process video data more efficiently than other remote desktop software.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: The software works on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

Customization And Branding Tools: You can easily integrate the software into your application by choosing LogMeIn123 Rescue. You can also add your personalization tool to customize the software as you see fit.

Logmein Antivirus: Using Bitdefender’s advanced threat detection technology, LMI Antivirus proactively uses real-time information to detect and protect against sophisticated threats.LogMein123-Features

Application Updates:  Automatically update outdated devices with third-party apps when provisioning them from the cloud.

Remote Support: Communicating with other computers through a remote connection is possible.

Mobile Support: LogMeIn123 Rescue can connect to mobile devices and provide remote support on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

Integrated Security Features: Encrypted connections with AES 256-bit encryption protect your customers from hackers and scammers, while scheduled security audits ensure your data is safe.