With Logmein123, you can access your work or home device from anywhere with a computer through an online connection. Anyone without programming experience can use the app. LogMein123 requires the central computer to run to work. You can access your home or work device when the app launches.LogMein-123_ To log in to secure.logmeinrescue.com, you must go to secure.logmeinrescue.com and enter your details, username, and password in the login field on the Privilege page. If you enter the correct username and secret key, you will reach the LogMeIn123 main dashboard page.


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Steps For Logging To Your LogMeIn 123 Account

The steps below will help you log in to your LogMeIn123 account:

  • To access the site, go to www.secure.logmeinrescue.com.
  • Tap or click the link above in your browser to access the LogMein123 login portal.
  • On the Logmein123.com login page, click the Rescue Report Support link.


  • Fill in the LogMeIn Rescue ID field with your email address.
  • By entering your password and clicking Next, you can log in to LogMein123.

Which Things Do You Need While Logging At secure.logmeinrescue.com?

LogMein123.com must meet the following requirements to function correctly:

  • Many browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome.
  • You must download and install LogMein123 Secure on each electronic device used to log in.
  • You can use all electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, PCs, and laptops if you wish.
  • The best way to use LogMein123 is with a username and password to use LogMein123.
  • Access the official LogMein123.com login page by clicking the link: secure.logmeinrescue.com.
  • Before logging into your LogMein123 account, check your local internet connection.

Reset Your Username And Password For LogMein123

To change your LogMein123 password, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the official LogMein 123 website (secure.logmeinrescue.com).
  • You arrive at your login page after clicking “Ransom Report Support” in LogMeIn123.
  • Resetting your password is as simple as clicking “Forgot your password?”. You will see an empty field for your username and password in the link below.
  • Did you forget your password? Follow the instructions there.
  • After entering your email address, click Send instructions.
  • When you click “Send instructions” on the Logmein123 login portal, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  • An email contains a link with which you can reset your password. Be sure to copy or save it to your computer.

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